Welcome To Chartwell Marine

Chartwell Marine is a Naval Architectural consultancy business which supports boat builders and vessel operators worldwide. A positive, fast and dynamic team keen to work at the pace required of modern ship management and ownership.


The team has extensive experience of small craft naval architecture having designed and developed a range of different hull forms over the years. We can deliver all aspects of naval architecture from conceptual studies through to vessel incline and final stability booklet post delivery, however big or small the project might be.

Whether from our Chartwell portfolio of designs or when supporting a client’s project, Chartwell’s dedicated team will work to deliver our client’s objectives. Typically, we are asked to assess vessel stability and trim, or vessel weight, efficiency and performance. This may be in the case of a new build or a modification to an existing vessel, i.e. change in vessel length or a change in loaded displacement. We are there to provide our clients with confidence prior to committing to physical vessel works.

Please refer to the services section of our website for a full list of naval architectural services available.

Naval Architecture
Ship Wireframe

Marine Design Consultancy

Before naval architecture must come design. This is where we will take an idea, whether our own or our clients and develop a concept. This conceptual image will form the back bone of the design process. It is to define the principle characteristics of the design whether it be a boat, a crane, a trailer or a seat, the initial conceptual sketch is what inspires creativity and development no matter what hurdles come up during the design process. In any project there are always hurdles. Typically, these are costs, regulation, weight, strength or time. A project will always be delivered so long as there is an image or vision in mind. The concept drives passion and with passion comes deliverance.

We approach all projects with this philosophy and embrace and enjoy the marine design process. We are confident in our ability and are prepared and equipped to design all manner of things marine.

Our portfolio page is currently under construction, however in the interim please refer to the services section of our website for more information.

Class, Flag and Vessel Coding

Having delivered over 50 small craft commercial vessels in the UK, Europe and the USA our team are exceptionally experienced in designing and delivering vessels in accordance with international maritime regulations. The team are well connected and well qualified to assist shipyards and vessel owners in understanding relevant maritime safety requirements and delivering compliance. Where ambiguity and difference of interpretation may be present within a particular piece of legislation our team will deliver a solution. We are inquisitive and diligent and will explore and present mitigating supporting evidence and information of equivalence. If requested, our team will handle the entire process on behalf of the client, acting as the point of contact and the mediator between the shipyard/ship owner and the flag state and/or class society (RO, NB, CA).

Ship Surveying

Accredited as a ship surveyor, naval architect and examiner by MECAL (UK MCA Certifying authority) we can provide small craft ship surveying services internationally. This includes vessel new build construction support, vessel annual, midterm and 5 year renewal and vessel condition surveys. As per our corporate message we are a positive, fast, dynamic team who are keen to work at the pace of modern ship management and ownership. By understanding vessels through life we can ensure that our new vessel designs make consideration for cost, maintenance, safety and through life reduction in performance.

For further information please refer to the services section of our website.