Chartwell Targets Small Fishing Market with New Catchwell Catamaran Design

Monday 21st January 2019


World Fishing & Aquaculture reports on Chartwell Marine’s launch of the Catchwell, a brand-new vessel design for the small-scale private and commercial fishing sector. 

“The catamaran design responds to extensive feedback from fishermen, alongside operational lessons learned from advanced maritime industries, such as the offshore wind sector.

Available in 10 metre and 12 metre models, the Catchwell, is optimised for carrying high loads, with a semi-modular catamaran hull form that can be adapted to the needs of the fisherman or operator. The first vessel is currently under construction on the Isle of Wight by experienced vessel construction, refit, repair and maintenance specialist, Diverse Marine, who have provided extensive input during the design process.” 

Read the full article in the World Fishing online here:


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