Next-generation CTV design would be efficient across the speed range

Monday 30th July 2018

Offshore Wind

This month, Chartwell Marine’s Managing Director, Andy Page, spoke to David Foxwell of Offshore Wind Journal about the launch of the Chasewell pilot vessel range, and the viability of hybrid vessel designs in the offshore wind CTV market:

"Naval architect Andy Page, director of Chartwell Marine, has been designing crew transfer vessels (CTVs) for many years. With demand growing for ever more fuel-efficient vessels with reduced emissions in keeping with the offshore wind energy industry’s green credentials, he believes the time has come to refine CTV design and take advantage of new ‘hybrid’ fuel efficient, environmentally friendly propulsion technology.

Mr Page worked on CTVs at South Boats and Alicat Marine Design and on the design of a number of vessels for well-known owners. He has some interesting views about how viable hybrid propulsion for CTVs might be in practice, and the economic, environmental and operational case for hybrid CTVs, but believes it’s not just the propulsion system that counts."

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