Chartwell 24

Chartwell 24

Refining the formula for offshore wind support

The Chartwell 24 is a pioneering crew transfer vessel (CTV) design that refines the formula for offshore wind support.

Developed off the back of ten years of data and experience in offshore wind vessel design, alongside extensive dialogue and collaboration with CTV operators, wind farm owners and turbine manufacturers, the Chartwell 24 responds directly to the needs of the end user.

The vessel hits a ‘sweet spot’ in size and capability that has been achieved by the most effective vessels currently operating in the offshore wind market. It builds on lessons learnt supporting European projects throughout construction and operation, while also meeting new requirements emerging in markets such as the USA and Taiwan.

The vessel can be delivered in two variants:

  • Max Length Version 26.8m (88ft)

  • Right Whale Migration Path Compliant Version: 19.8m (65ft)

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Built for purpose

The Chartwell 24 has been developed in collaboration with a pool of highly respected vessel operators - and their end-clients. Its design has been optimised to directly meet the operational demands of servicing offshore wind farms.

Safety & Welfare Availability & Performance
Total control and complete visibility for skippers, with unique wheelhouse configuration Perfectly proportioned for offshore wind – hitting the ‘sweet spot’ of vessel size
No steps or trip hazards Available as a right whale migration path compliant 19.8m ~ 65ft vessel.
Designated walkways, handrails and safety sliding rails positioned for safe, repeatable crew transfer Accommodates 12 or 24 industrial personnel and 3-6 onboard crew
Class-leading IMO HSC code compliant reclining seating, local power points, ultimate onboard WIFI and tablet connectivity One of the largest foredecks on the market
High levels of operational familiarity for crews and technicians Displacement vs. installed power provides excellent transit performance, high bollard push and frictional holding force
  Four-engine option creates redundancy and limits downtime
  EPA Tier 4 & IMO Tier 3 compliant, with diesel and hybrid propulsion options

“The Chartwell 24 is the vessel the market has been waiting for. It not only responds directly to our needs as a vessel operator, but also ticks all the boxes for our offshore wind farm customers. Ultimately it will help us collectively set new benchmarks for safety, availability and performance.”

Ian Baylis, Managing Director, Seacat Services

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Validated performance

The Chartwell 24 hull design has been independently validated using the latest computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling methods, coupled with thorough 1:12 scale model tank testing. Combined, these processes constitute the most rigorous and scientific testing approach for any offshore wind CTV design to date.

Conducted by Seaspeed Marine Consulting, these tests have confirmed the seakeeping performance, stability and manoeuvrability of the vessel design.

Independent CFD testing has provided validation of the Chartwell 24’s hydrodynamic and aerodynamic resistance throughout the speed range. Source: Seaspeed Marine Consulting

“During model testing, the Chartwell 24 hull exhibited high standards of seakeeping and manoeuvrability throughout a wide range of simulated sea states. Importantly, the freeboard and motion of the vessel were such that no wet-deck slamming was noted within the range of tests undertaken. This is a significant operational advantage when compared to other craft with lower freeboard, which may perhaps otherwise indicate similar rms motion characteristics, but would in reality be limited by slamming occurrence.”

Stephen Phillips, Managing Director, Seaspeed Marine Consulting

Scale model seakeeping tests have demonstrated the performance and manoeuvrability of the vessel in a range of different sea states. Source: Seaspeed Marine Consulting